Summer Shemaghs

It’s 36 degrees out. That guy from last night’s weather report even suggested the possibility of hell on earth — temps in the city could reach 38 degrees Celsius.

So I’ve been out the past few days and I’ve been noticing trendy assfucks wearing shemaghs. They’re not hypebeasts no. They’re the skinny jean, skinny shirt, flip flop wearing kind of dudez. Why blog about it? Because it’s quite alarming to see 2 of such incidences in a week. That’s abnormal. And it’s quite appalling that it’s fucking surfacing this summer?.Of all times, they chose summer. Well probably because the trend just ‘arrived’ in manila from the west. Oh well. If you’ve been following Street style blogs from last year or even earlier, you’d see a shemagh trend. I am predicting that in the following months, everything on here would be all about neckwear. You’d see magazines, newspaper editorials with models proudly glorifying the magic of scarves in a tropical country. Trust.

Hypothetically logic just dictates that in a few weeks time, we’d see a hoard of highschool kids in Galleria all wearing some kind of neck accessory. Imagine going to a high school fair.

Shemaghs aren’t a crime to wear or anything like that. As an example, designers like Henrik Vibskov had shemaghs in his collection last season – the label is very streetwear btw. It’s like homeless Chic. Seriously. They weren’t nice IMO. But please, don’t wear a shemagh during summer in a tropical country. Heavens.


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